• Co-President of SAG-AFTRA  Thanks Howard Fine

    Ken Howard thanks Howard Fine for helping actors develop and continue learning throughout their career.

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    Chris Pine, Actor (Star Trek, Unstoppable)

    When I first met Howard he told me his job was to make the actor a self-sufficient artist. His great skill is the joy he takes in watching you discover, with the tools he provides, the essence of a character. He loves actors, he loves the process, and he is all about the work.’

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    Martin Campbell, Director (Casino Royale, Green Lantern, The Mask of Zorro)

    Howard Fine is an extremely skilled teacher. He has the ability to help actors create beyond their own experience in a way that is both exciting and compelling. Personally, I feel he is one of the greatest acting teachers working today.’

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    Victoria Burrows, CSA (The Hobbit, King Kong, Cast Away, The Lovely Bones)

    I have viewed and worked with many actors. Howard Fine's technique is a contributing factor to those actors that consistently stand out to me. I see that the actors are more thorough in their fulfilment of the characters that they bring to life.'