This class is a series of games designed to teach improvisation skills. Students will learn to explore their sense of spontaneity, heighten their listening and verbal skills, build their self-confidence, work out inhibitions and develop their trust and communication skills, while learning the fundamental rules of improvisation in a safe and supportive atmosphere. It is a wonderful opportunity to study improv that will enhance and add to the student’s acting technique. The focus is not on a self-conscious, “indicated” style of comedy, but rather on the comedy that comes from truthful behavior when an actor is fully alive and committed to the circumstances of the scene. Thus, it is fully applicable and complementary to the Foundation Course and Scene Study.

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Comedy Improv with Tim Bagley - Howard Fine Studios

Course Details

Class meets once a week for 5 weeks. Each class is 3 hours.

Class size is 10 to 16.
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