David Coury, Voice Teacher

In this world of communication, you are not significant unless you are heard.

David Coury is an international voice expert and teacher who works with leading professionals within the entertainment industry including actors, broadcasters, and Top 40 recording artists. His proprietary voice and presentation method has transformed everyone – from his celebrity clients to corporate clients – into powerful and engaging professionals with potent vocal capabilities in their fields. Through teaching his revolutionary singing and speech techniques, David Coury has transformed what was considered possible in the realms of vocal training and has established himself as a world leader in the field.

In addition to his Los Angeles-based private practice, Mr. Coury is the Voice Director for the Howard Fine Acting Studio where he teaches his acclaimed empowerment program: the Singing and Speech for Actors™ series. His knowledge of the voice and his skill at generating transformation knows no bounds as evidenced in his ABC ‘Extreme Makeover’ of a rapper with a cleft palate. In the first ten minutes of day one’s shoot, Mr. Coury erased an impediment that had plagued the rapper for 20 years. In Mr. Coury’s words: ‘Someday is no day on my calendar . . . let’s get to it NOW.’ His unique approach of combining the physical voice with the metaphysical voice produces dramatic and startling results. David Coury’s reputation as a master voice technician first became known to millions of Americans on ‘American Idol‘ since which time ABC have filmed a pilot television show focused solely on David’s work. He has also worked with MTV, NBC, FOX, ABC, TV Guide Network, and E!


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Everyone – no matter what their field or background – everyone wants to make a difference, everyone wants to feel confident. The voice, ultimately, can and will reflect who-you-really-are.


‘Working with David Coury is a wonderful experience. He is exceptionally skilled and has great generosity of spirit. He creates an environment in which you can really improve while retaining that ever important sense of play.’
Carla Gugino, Actor
‘David is amazing!’
Leona Lewis, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist