The Beginning of Howard Fine Acting Studio

Birth Of A Studio

In the Summer of 1988, Howard Fine was at a crossroads in his career as a Master Acting Teacher in Los Angeles. For the past three years he had been teaching classes at the Tracy Roberts Studio, and in that time, enrollment at her studio had doubled. Actors from all walks and experience levels clamored to study with Howard and . . .

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Callboard Theatre Howard Fine Studios

The Callboard Theatre

Originally built as a temple for the “scandalous” preacher, Aimee Semple McPherson, the Callboard Theatre went on to become one of L.A.’s busiest small theatres starting in the 50’s. In its 40+ year history, it housed two Tennessee Williams plays, the premiere of John Cassavetes’ “East/West Game,” the world premiere of “ Stand by Your Beds . . .

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Robertson Boulevard - Howard Fine Studios

Robertson Boulevard

In 1989, the Howard Fine Acting Studio moved to its new location on Robertson Boulevard, between Olympic and Pico. It was the size of a postage stamp, but it did what it needed to do. Without the constraints experienced at the Callboard Theatre, the Studio flourished. Not only did Howard continue to teach his Technique and Master . . .

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Melrose Ave - Howard Fine Studios

Melrose Avenue

After five years, the Howard Fine Acting Studio began to outgrow the Robertson location, leading to an exhaustive search. We finally came upon a vacant furniture store on Melrose Avenue, and while it didn’t exactly scream “acting studio,” it did have what we needed: space. So, with a little imagination and a whole lot of elbow grease . . .

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Uta Hagen - Howard Fine Studios

Uta Hagen Master Class

In 1997, the Howard Fine Acting Studio had the honor of hosting iconic actress and acting teacher, Uta Hagen. While Howard had never studied with Ms. Hagen, many of the teachers at the Studio had. Her books, “Respect For Acting” and “ A Challenge for the Actor,” had a tremendous impact on Howard and were the foundation of his teaching . . .

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Las Palmas Ave - Howard Fine Studios

Las Palmas

In 2004, after ten years in the Melrose Avenue location, it was once again time to move. The building that had housed the Howard Fine Acting Studio was sold and Howard opted not to renew the lease because the space was no longer suitable for the growing Studio. While on the hunt for a new space, Howard was shown a beautiful, old . . .

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La Brea Avenue - Howard Fine Acting Studio

La Brea Avenue

Finding a new location was not an easy task though. New spaces were looked at on an almost daily basis. Even the HFAStudio’s original Robertson location, which had been recently put on the market, was looked at, but ultimately it did not meet the needs for what the Studio now required. As the lease on the Hollywood Playhouse was . . .

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Melbourne Australia - Howard Fine Acting Studio

Melbourne Australia

In 2011, a team of enterprising actors and entrepreneurs based in Melbourne, Australia contacted Howard in the hope of convincing him to host a four-day Master Class in Sydney and Melbourne. After a series of discussions (and after initially saying “no”), Howard was destined for ‘the lucky country’ in June of that year. The Master . . .

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Onward & Upward - Howard Fine Studios

Onward & Upward

In its almost 30 years in Los Angeles, the Howard Fine Acting Studio has established itself as one of the premier acting schools in the country. It continues to be a place where the craft of acting is taken seriously. The Howard Fine Acting Studio prepares actors to go out into the professional arena with a set of tools they can use for the . . .

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