Performing Solo w/ Susan Leslie & Parker Mills


Have a story to tell or a one-person show idea? Performing Solo challenges each artist to find their truth through personal or fictional storytelling. Actors will not only discover where the stories live in them, but will also be given the tools to turn them into dramatically compelling solo pieces.

Your story is workshopped and developed into a monologue, based on a theme and culminates in a performance for family and friends. Every student will leave this class with a video they can post on YouTube and social media, as well as, a piece they can expand into a solo show or short film.

In an ever-changing entertainment market, take control of your own career and develop material that exemplifies, expands, and showcases the depth of your personal journey. The skills you learn in Performing Solo can be applied to help strengthen all areas of your acting work, because once you can effectively tell your own story, you can tell anyone’s.

Trying to get booked at one of the many storytelling nights in town? Or are you already booked and freaking out? We also do private storytelling coaching – performance and writing!

Watch a sample video from our last show!

Course Details

Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks. Performance on the Sunday after the 5th class.

Class size is 8 maximum.
All payments must be made to the office or to your class Stage Manager before the start of the first class. We do not sell partial courses or single classes, and we do not pro-rate class fees based on attendance, including for classes missed for any reason.

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Personal or Business Check drawn on a U.S.-based bank or Cash

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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, particularly and especially those who do not adhere to our payment policies, who attempt to attend class without paying, and those who stop payment on checks made in payment for classes.

No refunds or credits will be issued for classes not taken.

Absence make-ups are at the sole discretion of the teacher. These classes, however, may not be refunded, credited, or pro-rated. We do not sell partial or pro-rated courses.


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