Singing & Speech for Actors w/ David Coury

Voice and speech work are crucial to every actor. At the Howard Fine Acting Studio, exploration and refinement of the voice is done through David Coury’s Singing & Speech for Actors program. The primary focus of the program is working the voice through singing, rather than developing professional singers. The Singing & Speech for Actors program is appropriate and applicable to anyone with a voice! No previous singing experience is necessary, and actors who have sung in the past will still find the program to be indispensable for the development of working the voice and the impulse to create sound, in both song and spoken word.
Level I – The Organ of the Soul

Experience the power of group singing! If you have completed at least Level 1 in the Singing and Speech for Actors Program, you are officially an “SFAer” and now eligible for Vocal Lab. Entering the Vocal Lab equals going to the Vocal Gym where your voice gets a REAL WORKOUT with big songs, harmonies, and creative dynamics.


This very vocal three-day intensive is based in the development and maintenance of the actor’s voice with a strong emphasis on personal creativity and how that creativity serves as the incentive for impulse. The actor’s application and exploration of custom vocal exercises and musical assignments will enable the voice to handle impulse. Assigned material will reflect each actor’s desire for his/her voice. During this course, the actor’s vocal transformation will include singing a challenging song and make a challenging script ‘sing.’ This exciting class focuses on helping students tackle vocal challenges, discover the shared experience of the transformational power of music, find his/her true voice and, most importantly, gain the tools to keep the true voice alive.

Level I & instructor approval

Level II Part I culminates in an Open Master Class for the public in which the actor presents material both spoken and sung, accompanied by guitar. The spoken word, based on the actor’s personal history, is developed, written, and vocalized as a means to connecting with one’s self and then effectively delivering for an audience. One song is an out-of-the-box choice that challenges the actor to be wildly creative in the interpretation. The other song, sung a cappella, is chosen as a “favorite” of the actor and brought to new life by bringing a personal story to the piece.

It is essential for the actor to sing and speak in public with confidence and conviction. The most exciting and transformative moments during the Open Master Class is when each actor works with David Coury and experiences the “erasing” of self-imposed pressures. Singing and Speech For Actors Level II Part I calls upon the actor to use all of David Coury’s Applications of Voice for Acting Training taught in SFA I with a new emphasis on rehearsal and performance. An on-your-feet and in-your-face vocal adventure, this class finds the actor’s voice and spirit liberated.

Level I, Level II – Part I, & instructor approval.

A natural progression from the actor’s transformation at the SFA Level II Part I Final, Part II continues the exploration of the actor’s authentic self in sound and sensibility through David Coury’s Applications of Voice for Acting Training, Rehearsal, and Performance.

An exhilarating adventure, once again culminating in an original presentation before a live audience, the SFA II Part II Open Master Class Final has the actor presenting a song that says: “this is who I am.” Over the course of the class, the song is broken down and customized for the actor to create an expert and exciting interpretation while accompanied by a guitarist. The spoken word portion of this presentation is taken to new heights as the actor’s personal story is now interwoven with excerpts from great literature that resonate with the actor. Exercises assigned by the instructor facilitate the selection of material, inform and inspire the writing of the original spoken word, and take the actor deeper into the text.

Voice as THE source of creativity is never more apparent than in Part II. From head-to-toe, the actor experiences the power of delivering “their song” and, in turn, the audience is transported. The tenets of this class are: being vocal in all aspects of one’s work, developing good vocal habits, attempting more vocally challenging material, and taking ownership of space.

Level I, Level II – Part I, Level II – Part II, & instructor approval.

Thus far, all the levels of the SFA program have been based solely in the development and application of the “authentic self,” culminating with the actor’s mastery of Mr. Coury’s I AM technology in Level II Part II (SFA 2.2). In Level III (SFA 3): “Finding Yourself in Character,” the actor now learns how to identify that “self” in a character and embody it to the bone by taking on the BORN TO PLAY technology.

In this intensive, the actor will have stunning revelations making the distinction between “want to play” and “born to play.” Mr. Coury’s BORN TO PLAY technology guides the student to finally and even surprisingly identify the character from a musical they were born to play. Then the student begins the “music as character” exercise that has the actor write an original lyric to the melody of his or her character’s defining song. This original lyric is a direct outcome of the technology explored in class and it’s from those deep discoveries that comes a very personal sung declaration: “I was born to play ___________.”

Witnessing an actor become their musical role by the finding of them self in the character is a transformation in of itself because the process teaches a new way to work. With the “music as character” exercise complete, text and music analyzed, studied and worked on its feet, the student is ready to fully sing their character’s defining song. And, in communion with the “authentic self” and the libretto/music, the actor, the person, effortlessly and intentionally brings the best of Broadway to life – the audience’s as well as their own. *As with Level II Parts I and II, the actor presents in a final Open Master Class for the public.

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Class Details

For Level I, class size is 15-20.

For all other levels, class size is 5-10.

Vocal Lab: $125
All Other SFA Classes: Studio Members – $500 / Non-Studio Members – $550

(For Level II – Part I, Level II – Part II, and Level III, there is an additional cost for the musician’s rehearsal time.)

All payments must be made to the office or to your class Stage Manager before the start of the first class. We do not sell partial courses or single classes, and we do not pro-rate class fees based on attendance, including for classes missed for any reason.

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