Jan 08 2024


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Voice and Speech

To be louder, or not to be louder, that is not the question. Can your Voice handle the truth? That is the question. And by freeing your Voice and claiming ownership of that freed Voice, the answer is one big: YES.

Your Voice can and will handle the truth as Mr. Coury guides you through his innovative exercises that focus on body, breath and imagination. In real time your real Voice will emerge as you are released from the rigid “speak-this-way-only” approach and introduced to exciting and practical ways of refining your instrument in your daily life and craft. All the habits that have inhibited your speech will be replaced by healthy habits, and you’ll have access to what Mr. Coury cites as “the unused Voice that is the source of much tension–physically and mentally.”

“The core of the Actor’s craft is the ability to understand and then articulate the truth. That the Voice doesn’t collapse but does soar during these ‘moments of truth’ is what makes great acting.” –David Coury

Learn with ease how your Voice can soar by:
● Improving your Sound, Stamina, Range & Power
● Overcoming your nerves and vocal issues
● Exploring your On-Camera Voice and Volume
● Erasing the gap between the Voice discipline and the Acting discipline
● Discovering new truths through the use of your Voice

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David Coury
David Coury

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