terms and conditions


The studio is taking seriously the COVID-19 pandemic, and is committed to taking the right steps with the safety, health, and enjoyment of our staff & students in mind. These initial guidelines will help us to do our part in keeping our community safe and ensuring our ability to reopen successfully.

By enrolling in class and attending any event in-person at the Howard Fine Acting Studio, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that you may be exposed to COVID-19 at any time at the studio class or related event, and that such exposure may result in illness, permanent disability, or death.

The studio is not responsible for the risks of exposure which may arise from rehearsals or student activities outside of scheduled studio class or event times, and/or which may take place off the premises.

In order to reopen safely, stay open & keep compliant, and provide the best service we can, the studio will be taking the following steps. These protocols may be updated as new government and health guidelines become available:

  • Sanitizing restrooms, high-traffic surfaces, theater seats, props/furniture
  • Limiting use of props and furniture to reduce foot traffic and contact
  • Limiting class sizes & seating arrangements, and limiting any lingering time in before, during, and after classes
  • Enforcing social distancing in our lobby and theater rooms
  • Providing hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations
  • Running HVAC units, fans, and opening windows to provide optimal ventilation
  • Requiring signed health waivers, and initially, proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to attend in-person

By enrolling you agree to abide by all studio protocols and policies with regard to the pandemic. If you do not agree to any of the terms herein or found listed within an class/event description, do not attend the class/event and consider an online alternative. As a student you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • That a signed health waiver and proof of vaccination is required in order to attend in-person
  • To practice safe social distancing when possible, and abide by studio guidelines
  • That masks may still be required while on the premises except when necessary for emergencies, necessary consumption of food or beverage, while actively participating in classwork, or at the instructor’s request.

Failure to comply with our policies or a request by our staff regarding any of our COVID-19 policies may result in immediate dismissal without a refund, and may jeopardize your ability to participate in future programs. As a private business we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

By voluntarily entering the studio, you agree to accept sole responsibility for any claims of illness, damage, loss, liability, or expenses of any kind (“Claims”) related to exposure to COVID-19 at the event; and you agree to release, covenant not to sue, and hold harmless The Howard Fine Acting Studio and its affiliates, subsidiaries, and agents including event promoters, vendors, and each of their respective parents, members, affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, officers, directors, and employees from Claims of any kind arising out of or relating thereto.


The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a professional private acting training studio owned & operated by Howard Fine &
Wanna Be Productions. The Howard Fine Acting Studio (herein aka “Wanna Be Productions Inc.”, “Wanna Be”, “we”, “us”, “the Company”, “the Studio”), in order to better serve the entertainment community, sets forth the following terms & conditions for studying at the studio, communicating with our staff, and attending our virtual or in-person programming. Engaging or intending to engage in studio services, enrolling in classes, or attending the studio both in-person or virtually, even in instances where payment has not (yet) been made, constitutes agreement to these following terms. By enrolling in our services, you the student, attendee, visitor, vendor, guest (hereafter also referred to as the Student), acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Admission & Company Rights

The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a private acting studio and reserves the right to accept or deny admission to any studio program whether online/in-person. The Studio also reserves the right to refuse anyone access or entry to our virtual and in-person premises at any time. Violation of studio policies may result in dismissal from the studio. Each class follows a slightly different format, and additional terms & conditions may apply. Additional rules will be explained in welcome emails and/or by the stage manager(s) at the outset of the class.

Our studio and all it’s programming is for actors 18 and older, with rare exception to emerging young talent with prior training & experience, by industry referral and under the supervision of a parent, and legal guardian who obtain written permission from the studio.

Limitations of Liability, Indemnity, Hold-Harmless

Student will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Studio, Studio’s affiliates, and each of its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages (including taxes), costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and disbursements and costs of investigation, litigation, settlement, judgment, interest and penalties (collectively, “Losses”), and threatened Losses arising from or relating to third party claims, demands, or actions arising from or relating to: (i) Student’s actual or alleged breach of any warranty set forth in this Agreement and/or a statement of work; (ii) the negligent, willful, intentional, bad faith, or reckless acts or omissions of or by the Student or any Student personnel; (iii) disclosure or loss of Studio Confidential Information, including Non-Public Personal Information, in breach/violation of the terms of this Agreement and/or all applicable laws, regulations or Student’s data privacy and security policies; or (iv) death, personal injury, bodily injury or property damage caused by the studio services, Student, or any Student personnel, on/in/at (v) studio premises, online/virtual studio programming, any studio sponsored/promoted event or outside activity relating to studio services.

Studio will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Student and its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all Losses due to, arising from or relating to third party claims, demands, actions or threat of action arising from or relating to death, personal injury, bodily injury or property damage to the extent caused by Studio/studio services.

Students and visitors agree that they shall remain fully responsible and liable for any and all actions of its third party associates, guests, subcontractors it elects to hire or use under this Agreement.To ensure the safety and security of the studio and our community, there is absolutely no trespassing on studio property, or unauthorized access to studio facilities both physical and virtual, outside of designated times and/or without the Studio’s consent, and additional studio policies may apply.

In addition, Student shall not be entitled to, nor shall the Studio be liable for, remuneration, refunds, penalties, fees, or damages exceeding the amount paid/deposited for services rendered.


We strive to make our studio, website, and programs as accessible as possible to all actors, and granted certain limitations at our physical location and of online learning strive to be compliant with all applicable law and best practices for accessibility. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility, please contact info@howardfine.com

Description of Services, Errors, Omissions, & AB 1319

We are a private acting studio, with the mission of teaching acting technique and helping actors of all levels develop their craft. We do provide educational & informational services. We are not a Talent Counseling/Career Service, Talent Agency or Management Company, or Casting Office. The studio is not responsible for any error/omission in the services we provide which could in any way impact an actor’s professional endeavors. No professional acting training can guarantee professional acting success – as a deeply personal artform, results may vary. Lessons, classes, lectures, homework, coaching feedback, critiques, advice and all other such guidance are for educational purposes only. We make no promise of employment or professional opportunities, no guarantee of work, nor official legal or financial counseling. The studio is bonded, and insured as a private acting studio, not subject to the specific provisions set forth by AB 1319.

Acting is a craft which requires the authentic, truthful use of one’s emotions, memories, and other such things of a personal nature. The studio strives to create a safe environment for all students to learn and practice the craft safely, free of the fear of emotional manipulation/blackmail. We operate under professional standards to maintain confidentiality and to respecting the personal nature of information which may be shared in a public setting. Because of the personal nature of the work we do, we encourage all students to be in good mental & emotional health before enrolling, and taking necessary steps for self care as artists and well-rounded human beings while at the studio. If a non-emergency issue of physical or emotional safety arises, faculty may express their concern and/or suggest a more appropriate path for the student.

Payments & Refunds

All class payments are nonrefundable & non transferable 1 week prior to class start date. Financial commitment to a class is made regardless of any student conflicts arising after this time period.

All tuition due must be paid before the start of classes. In the instance of a last-minute student conflict, a tuition payment or portion thereof may at the studio’s sole discretion be held as a credit for 6 months or transferred one-time to a similar class by the same instructor. No refunds may be issued after the deadline, or for partial classes/classes missed, nor are they guaranteed for individual/student conflicts whether they arise before, during, or after a given class – the studio shall have sole discretion to issue refunds/partial refunds on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances.

Payment of tuition is not a guarantee to continue studying with the studio or into any advanced level of a given program. In any case where a student has failed to abide by our policies or class expectations, or in any reasonable instance where the faculty has determined a student not fit to continue, a refund may be offered but is not guaranteed.

Upon payment, a receipt will be generated from our website and credit card merchant. Copies of receipts/invoices may be requested by the customer via email to info@howardfine.com. We accept all major credit cards in person, via telephone, online, or e-invoice (no cash/personal checks).

Enrollment is incomplete without corresponding payment/deposit. (Deposits are accepted for the Foundation & Fine On Acting courses. For all other classes, payment in full is required to enroll.)

Private coaching clients may be asked to place a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Private coaching payments are handled via e invoice.

Some classes require instructor approval/application & additional Terms & Conditions may apply. We reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to anyone at any time.

All sales for online classes are final. As with in person classes, if a student is enrolled but unable to attend the class/program and notifies the studio before 1-week prior to the start date, tuition may roll over/transfer one time as a credit to a similar class at the studio’s sole discretion. Unless otherwise arranged & approved in writing by the studio admin, all other tuition/fees are non-refundable & non-transferable. If the Studio elects not to run a class for any reason, and a similar alternative or other reasonable options are not offered, student may then be entitled to a full or partial refund.

Due to high demand & waitlists, the studio cannot guarantee any refund or transfer for last-minute drops or no shows. The studio is not responsible for technical issues arising on a student’s part when accessing our online programs, nor shall the studio be responsible for students’ failure to confirm dates/start times ahead of their class especially in instances where there is a timezone difference.

*Students experiencing hardship due to Covid 19 may seek a payment plan for some studio classes, and must obtain approval from studio admin in advance.*

Class Materials & Resources

Many classes at the studio require reading Howard’s Fine On Acting: A Vision of the Craft and Uta Hagen’s A Challenge for the Actor. Copies of Howard’s book are available at the studio, and copies of each are available in bookstores and online. It is recommended that all prospective & current students have copies  available prior to and during their class.

Studio classes & programs often require Homework & Additional Materials. Homework may include everything from reading assignments, outside rehearsals, memorization, and other reasonable tasks in conjunction with the expectations of the class and faculty. Additional materials provided in classes such as but not limited to Acting Technique, Foundation, Audition for Film & TV, SFA, Voiceover, and Acting for the Camera are the sole intellectual property of the studio and/or its faculty, and are not to be copied, reproduced, shared, or otherwise used for purposes other than class without express permission. (Additional materials include but are not limited, to fliers, faculty articles/bios, handouts, floorplans, booklets, class contact lists, in-class announcements, and certain class-specific language and lecture material.) 

Some classes might advise students to prepare or obtain other reasonable materials to accompany the lessons in class (a specific prop or wardrobe piece called for in a scene, plastic straws for exercises in VO classes etc.). These assignments also fall under the category of homework. The studio is not responsible for providing or reimbursing for these materials. This homework does not constitute specific endorsement, and continuation in class is not contingent solely upon enlisting outside services or obtaining additional materials should it pose a hardship for the student. The difference between homework assignments and recommendations is made clear in classes, and the studio is not responsible for a student’s choice to follow through or not. 

The studio may enter into certain partnerships or paid promotions on social media or across our various platforms, which do not in and of themselves necessarily prohibit nor guarantee placement or advancement in our programs.

Attendance & Expectations

  • For first time auditors/guests, arrival prior to the posted start time is required. Any prospective student arriving late for their scheduled audit may be refused admittance and must reschedule.
  • Attendance is the responsibility – please prioritize class! Attendance for all studio acting courses and intensives is mandatory with few exceptions to accommodate working actors & emergencies. One official absence is allowed during Foundation, but additional absence, tardiness, or leaving early may jeopardize your ability to continue. The faculty reserves the right to dismiss any student depending on the specific class/material that is missed – if a class considered to be essential is missed, the student may not be permitted to partake in a given exercise, and the studio shall not reimburse the student for any tuition for missed work, excepting certain instances where a makeup class is offered. The first class is always considered essential and un-missable, this is non-negotiable. All dates/times are provided in advance. If you must miss a class for important auditions or booked work (congratulations!), please let us know ASAP – continuation remains at the studio’s discretion.
  • Certain intensives such as SFA or Open Access require participation & attendance for the full duration of each scheduled class day. Absence from these classes may result in dismissal from the class without any refund, and transfer/credit shall be at the studio’s discretion.
  • Any student running late should contact their stage manager(s) and/or the office. Failure to communicate lateness or absence may jeopardize the ability to continue. Our expectations for reliability & punctuality extend to outside rehearsals as we seek to promote a respectful, professional atmosphere both in & outside the studio.
  • Ongoing students must communicate any absences or missed class time to their stage managers. Inconsistency may result in forfeiting your spot in an ongoing class. We do not offer makeup classes – it is the student’s responsibility to attend their class. For planned absences, we recommend purchasing scene study bundles and saving money – in the event you miss a class, your savings outweigh the cost of the missed class.
  • As a general rule, where applicable, the same standard for tardiness & attendance governs our online programs, and the expectation for work ethic, communication, and commitment remains to the extent possible and practical.

General Studio Policies

  • All students must leave the studio in good condition after each class, and are responsible for personal items, trash, recycling, and other waste. Please utilize the respective bins provided, and ensure all food waste is disposed of properly.
  • No food or drink (other than water or props) are allowed in the studio theater. Gum is strictly prohibited inside the theater.
  • Studio items such as plays, plants, office furniture, and any other trade fixtures are not to be used as props/furniture without expressed permission from the office administrators. Additionally, you have questions about specific props, furniture, or scene requirements, or you require storing small items at the studio, you must obtain expressed permission from the office administrators.
  • Unauthorized use of studio items or facilities resulting in damage or loss to studio property amounting to $50 or less, whether willful or negligent, may result in a fine and/or cleaning/replacement fee to be assessed by the studio to the party at fault, due within 30 days of the incident. For damage exceeding the listed amount for gross negligence or misuse, additional action may be taken by the studio to recover damages.
  • Some lost & found items are kept in the studio for no longer than 30 days. If you have lost an item and cannot find it, please notify your stage manager, classmates, and the office. The Studio is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items, and students should exercise caution & common sense when using personal/valuable items for classwork.
  • We do not offer student rehearsal space except in certain extenuating circumstances including but not limited to: 1) needing to work logistics of props, furniture, setup and things related to the tech of a scene, 2) rehearsing/choreographing physical contact or staged violence using the studio’s exact dimensions, props, & furniture for safety, 3) out of concern for finding the appropriate safe/secure environment for rehearsals (cannot rehearse loud or upsetting material in a family apartment bldg. etc.)
  • The safety of our students is a priority. While the studio is not responsible for the actions of its students outside of the studio or for incidents outside of our control, we encourage all students to exercise caution and common sense when walking to/from the studio to parked cars etc., when on break in the vicinity of the studio, and when rehearsing outside of class. We also encourage students to take common sense measures to protect their privacy in our online classes, by keeping apps and anti-malware software up to date, and being cautious when on camera/audio. If at any time at the studio, or when rehearsing with studio partners at an off-site location, you encounter or experience a medical or police emergency, please contact 9-1-1 immediately. For any non- emergency related incidents or concerns, please contact either your stage manager or the studio administrator at info@howardfine.com. To further ensure the safety & security of our students, faculty, and studio:
    • At no time are weapons allowed at the studio. Props such as swords, knives, replica firearms, must be first approved ahead of time and checked before each use in class by stage manager, admin, faculty, or other qualified party not directly involved in the scene.
    • No such prop is to be handled by anyone not designated by the prop’s owner or the stage manager.
    • Use of candles, lighters, matches must be done responsibly, not left unattended, and immediately extinguished following the scene’s conclusion.
    • Students & staff are to be familiar with all exits & fire extinguishers.
    • Any actors working scenes requiring additional tech/safety must contact the studio administrator prior.

Any misuse of dangerous items or breach of our policies whether during a scene or not may result in immediate dismissal.

The studio is equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems. For more information on security recordings, please see below “Notice of Filming/Photography”.

  • Any student/attendee found to be engaging in unlawful activity on studio property, at a studio event, within our online environment or who engages is unlawful activity through use of the studio’s technology or interpersonal channels, or who engages in unwanted, inappropriate, or unlawful behavior by means of studio-related materials (ie. harassment of a student using information collected and shared through the studio), shall be dismissed without any refund, and if applicable shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • In the event that a student has engaged in behavior or actions outside of the studio’s purview but that adversely affects the well-being and safety of studio staff & clientele, to the extent permitted by law the studio reserves the right to discontinue services or dismiss the student in question with or without just cause in the interest of preserving a safe & secure learning environment.

Notice of Filming/Photography

These terms & conditions constitute public notice of filming, photography, & use when visiting the studio premises or attending our online programs. No terms herein are intended to supersede or contradict state & local laws with respect to filming, and the studio remains in compliance with all laws & statutes, including California’s two-way consent laws.

By entering our physical or virtual classrooms for events including but not limited to lectures, classes, audits, open houses, Q&A’s and the like, you hereby acknowledge these terms and consent to being recorded. Persons filmed in accordance with these policies & the law shall hold harmless the studio for any misuse of recordings taken on the premises not arising as a direct result of the studio’s willful negligence or illegal act. Unless otherwise agreed upon by writing, the studio is not responsible for providing any credit or remuneration for fair use of this media. Studio recordings are considered proprietary, and may not be used or reproduced without the studio’s expressed permission. Those filmed on our premises or during our online programming by attending relinquish all rights to the recorded material, and are not entitled to payment or benefit arising from the production, alteration, or use of recordings made by the studio.

For personal educational purposes only, students are allowed & encouraged to AUDIO record in-class critiques, homework assignments, and lectures. This hereby constitutes notice to all parties that individuals in class may record at their discretion for these purposes, and anyone unwillingness to be recorded may be handled between those individuals. Unless otherwise stated, no faculty member may be recorded by attendees or a third party with out their express written consent. Still pictures of props, furniture, or scene set-ups may be taken for logistical purposes. Student recording, filming, or photography of scenes or faculty without expressed permission of the studio is prohibited, and at no time is classwork to be filmed or video recorded or shared publicly. 

Other personal photos (ie. selfies, group/class photos) from the lobby, exterior, theater which do not otherwise violate a studio policy are perfectly acceptable, and we encourage students to share and post memories/positive experiences at the studio (tag us on social media!) However, as a private business, we reserve the right to request limiting or prohibiting recording/sharing/posting made on the premises which might violate student/faculty privacy, the studio’s IP, or other studio policies. Recording/posting/sharing unauthorized or inappropriate images, likenesses, or moving pictures of students or faculty may result in additional action. For all other filming or recording, permission must be obtained by the studio and additional releases/waivers may be required

The studio has installed closed circuit seen and unseen security surveillance equipment. By entering the premises, you consent to being recorded for safety & security. Security footage is stored on a private cloud server and is not publicly accessible.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the studio reserves the right to record any and all online programs in part or in full for any and all lawful purposes including but not limited to a record/archive of studio materials, marketing & advertising, future productions and products/subscription services, any for-profit exhibition of prior programming as part of a class or separate service, distribution to authorized students for educational purposes. By attending our online programs, attendees hereby acknowledge these terms and relinquish any rights or copyright claims to the images, audio, or likenesses captured and used for any lawful purpose on behalf of the studio. 

Students may inform the administrators if they have any objection to the recording and use of their image for lawful studio purposes. Online attendees shall have the right to adjust their personal meeting settings/in-home tech if they wish not to be seen/heard/recorded. Any concerns about recordings may be directed to info@howardfine.com. For more information about the use of your information while visiting our website, please see our Privacy Policy.

Online Class Addendum

The Howard Fine Acting Studio hosts many online programs in addition to in-person training programs. Our online classes are under the same umbrella as our studio programs, and the virtual learning space we utilize is considered an extension of our physical studio, governed by these studio policies, with the exception of any programs available through www.visionofthecraft.com, which are subject to additional Terms & Conditions.

Online classes are held primarily via ZOOM. It is the student/attendee’s responsibility to have a compatible device, strong internet connection, and updated Zoom app.

Upon receipt of payment, participants will receive a confirmation with the information and instructions for joining the online lecture. Students are responsible for checking their inbox & spam folders prior to class, and confirming receipt of this information with the studio.

In order to ensure proper enrollment, please leave a first and last name and use this same name to log into Zoom on the day of the meeting. Your name will be seen by other participants. Participants who try to join the Zoom meeting under a name other than used to enroll here will not be granted access in to the meeting.

Students are responsible for knowing dates, times, content, & expectations of all programs prior to enrollment, and for making any necessary arrangements/accounting for time differences. All classes begin on-time. The studio is not responsible for a student’s failure to check start times or read class details, and cannot guarantee any refunds for classes or partial classes missed. Participants receive their class welcome email approximately one-week prior to class. Auditors & lecture attendees may not receive their link until day-of. If class time is approaching, and you have not received your link, please e-mail info@howardfine.com

Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

The Howard Fine Acting Studio is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students & guests. The studio is also committed to empowering actors by maintaining high standards, strict adherence to studio policies, and fostering a diverse community of artists with the opportunity to learn & grow. Our staff & student body reflect a wide range of multi-cultural, ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, and as such the studio is committed to respecting the diversity in our community.

There will sometimes be subjects of a sensitive nature addressed in classes, and published material of an intense nature. Students shall never be forced to put themselves in any physical, emotional, or psychological danger, and our faculty recommends that all actors maintain their mental health before endeavoring into our programs. Except where there is a lawful or moral duty to report, or in circumstances that present a potential danger to the studio or studio colleagues, private or personal information will always be handled professionally and confidentially by faculty for educational purposes. We nevertheless encourage students to exercise their own discretion when addressing or revealing items of a personal nature.

The Studio does not discriminate in its educational programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender (including pregnancy, sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct including acts of sexual violence such as rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and coercion), gender identity and/or expression (including a transgender or non binary identity), sexual orientation, military or veteran status,  genetic information,  or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. Retaliation is also prohibited, and all complaints shall be taken seriously and handled in a discreet and confidential a manner as possible to resolve the issue.

The Studio is committed in all areas to providing a work & learning environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. Just as the studio enforces a zero-tolerance policy for issues such as lateness or defensiveness in class, the studio reserves the right to make a determination and enforce a similar policy with regard to harassment & student safety. If it is deemed that a student is in violation of our standards or policies, or represents a potential for harm or abuse, that student may be dismissed at any time. Any student displaying behavior deemed inappropriate, violent or potentially violent, disrespectful, or vulgar at the studio, in the studio’s online environment, or at any studio sponsored function may be dismissed without any refund, and if applicable, shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Unlawful discrimination or harassment has no place at the studio, and offends our mission to provide professional, high-quality educational services in a safe & equitable environment.

UT Austin Compliance Statement

With respect to hosting students from the University of Texas Austin, all UT policies shall be observed and remain in effect. As a member of the UT faculty, Howard Fine is compliant with all university policies with respect to UT Austin programming & during the prescribed class times. Studio policies shall not interfere with university policies & guidelines, but rather offer additional specific guidance while UT students are taking part in our programs. Additional curriculum vitae & statements regarding university compliance are on file with the governing body at UT Austin. Our studio otherwise exists & operates as a private business, and studio policies shall be considered where applicable as supplementary to the UT class syllabi. For all other studio matters, or for programs & activities deemed voluntary/outside of the parameters & curriculum set forth by UT’s Dept. of Theater & Dance, the studio’s policies shall be the principal governing document for the studio and it’s faculty, notwithstanding their positions held with the university.

Statement of Copyrigh

All videos, images, lectures, recordings, specific language & copy, descriptions, titles, slogans, methods, logos, and other course content including but not limited to: handouts, welcome emails, exercises, instructions, feedback etc, are the considered the sole property of the Howard Fine Acting Studio and are proprietary. Any reproduction, posting, copying, duplication, manipulation, or repurposing of these materials apart from their intended usage is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, unless otherwise stated or under the public domain, it is to be assumed that the ideas, concepts, themes, exercises, methods, direction, class titles, vernacular utilized in studio programming and all other such materials both physical, digital, and conceptual, featured on the website(s), and in studio/class communiqué are considered the intellectual property of the Howard Fine Acting Studio and are protected under copyright. The studio reserves the rights to its IP, and unless specifically authorized, does not grant permission to any student, guest, or third party to its use. Registration in class does not in itself constitute permission to access, use, or redistribute studio property in any form. The studio reserves the right to pursue legal action where & when necessary to protect its IP, proprietary materials, and brand, especially including but not limited to such instances where studio programs are replicated, reproduced, repackaged by another individual or entity for their gain financial or otherwise, when doing so could in any way potentially dilute, detract from, or confuse that product / service / brand / reputation / business with that of the the Studio, even if such actions are not, or cannot yet, be determined to have caused direct harm to the studio.

When & where applicable for students enrolled in our programs via the University of Texas, the UT policy governing academic dishonesty and all other scholastic standards shall be enforced in addition to applicable studio policies.

Subject to Change

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and all such changes will be published on this page. All visitors to our website or any programs are responsible for being familiar with these policies and the latest revision date. Any inadvertent omission or error in the studio’s policies shall not constitute nullification of any other policy or section of this document. In such instances where no stated policy addresses an issue in question, the Studio shall have sole discretion in accordance with applicable law and studio policies.


Any questions or concerns regarding any studio policies can be directed to info@howardfine.com or (323) 965-1488